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gismu rafsi: nat nai x1 is a nation/ethnic group of peoples x2; [people sharing a history/culture]. See also jecta, kulnu, lanzu, gugde, bangu, cecmu.
experimental gismu x1 reflects/pertains to Nazi/National Socialistic ideologies in aspect/manner x2 Connotations are neutral. Cultural and historic ties are loose. For German Nazis (or those who share their ideologies (again, the connotation is neutral and historic ties are loose)), use dotnatsi.
gismu rafsi: naz zbi x1 is the nose [body-part] of x2 with nostril(s)/nasal passage(s) x3; [metaphor: protrusion]. Also (adjective:) nasal. See also degji, panci, sumne, tance.
gismu rafsi: nen x1 is energy of type x2 in form x3. Ray/beam (= nenli'i). See also marji, tarmi, kantu, lazni, livla.
gismu rafsi: ni'e x1 [furniture items] furnishes x2 [location] serving purpose/function x3. See also ckana, jubme, sfofa, stizu, dacru.
gismu x1 is a quantity of citrus [fruit/tree, etc.] of species/strain x2. See also grute, slari, slami, xukmi.
gismu rafsi: nir x1 is a nerve/neuron [body-part] of x2; [metaphor: information/control network connection]. Also (adjective:) x1 is neural. See also ve benji.
gismu rafsi: niv x1 (agent) knits x2 [cloth/object] from yarn/thread x3. See also cilta, fenso, jivbu, pijne.
gismu rafsi: nix xli x1 is a girl [young female person] of age x2 immature by standard x3. Word dispreferred in metaphor/example as sexist; (use verba). See also nanla, verba, ninmu.
gismu rafsi: nuk x1 is magenta/fuchsia/purplish-red [color adjective]. See also skari, blabi, xekri, kandi, carmi, xunre, zirpu.
gismu rafsi: nup nu'e x1 (agent) promises/commits/assures/threatens x2 (event/state) to x3 [beneficiary/victim]. See also kajde, xusra.
gismu rafsi: num x1 is a rural/rustic/pastoral area of x2; x1 is in the country. See also jarbu, rarna, tcadu, cange.
experimental gismu x1 induces x2 about x3 from specific facts x4 See didni, nibji'i, biglogji, krilogji
gismu rafsi: nuz x1 (du'u) is news/tidings/new information about subject x2 from source x3, to observer x4. See also cnino, notci.
gismu rafsi: pac x1 is evil/depraved/wicked [morally bad] by standard x2. See also zekri, vrude, xlali, marde, mabla.
gismu rafsi: pak x1 are pants/trousers/slacks/leggings [legged garment] of material x2. See also taxfu, pastu, skaci.