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mi pu pinxe lo glare ckafi lo kabri
I drank a cup of hot coffee from a cup.
lujvo n1 is the heat of n3=g1. Cf. nejni, glare.
lujvo x1 is comfortably warm to x2 See glare, kufra, tolkufygla
gismu rafsi: lek x1 is cold/cool by standard x2. See also glare, bisli.
lujvo x1 is uncomfortably hot to x2 See glare, kufra, kufygla
lujvo s1 (mass of facts) is the science of thermodymanics / science of / about heat / heating based on methodology s3. Made from glare and saske. saske2 and all places of glare subsumed.
zu'u lo stuzi cu jai tolkargu .i zu'u nai ri glare dukse
On the one hand, the place is cheap. On the other hand, it's too hot.
lo tcati cu jdika lo ni glare kei ri'a tu'a lo lenku vacri
The tea is getting cold due to the cold air.
lo nu do pinxe lo milxe glare ladru cu zabna rinka lo nu do sipna
Drinking warm milk will help you get to sleep.
ko jgari lo cinza be lo nu jukpa bei lo glare
Take chopsticks for cooking hot food.
lo glare pu ru'i cupra lo fonmo be lo djacu bei lo gapci
The heat was producing bubbles of gas in the water.
lo nu jai gau glare cu tadji lo nu jukpa lo sovda
Heating is how you cook an egg.
fu'ivla x1 is measured as x2 (number) on the Fahrenheit scale See kelvrfarenxaito, kelvo, jacke'o, glare, lenku.
lujvo b1=g1 is feverish/has a fever, from disease b3, by standard g2 from glare bilma
lujvo x1 is x2 degrees Celsius / centigrade in temperature by standard x3. Cf. kelvrfarenxaito, glare, lenku, dunja, febvi.
fu'ivla x1 is x2 degrees Fahrenheit in temperature by standard x3. Cf. jacke'o, glare, lenku, dunja, febvi.