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lujvo x1=v1=g1 has the power to bring about sexual activity/event x2=v2 with x3=g2 under conditions x4=v3; x1 is sexually powerful in aspect x2 Mutual symmetry between g1 and g2 is partially lost since only g1 is necessarily endowed with sexual power (even though the act of sex is mutually symmetric between them). Generalized sexual power (as in: self-empowerment) should have x3 erased or gleborsezvli; this word implies have sexual power over another (upon/over whom some sort of sexual power may be exercised).
lujvo x1=v1 has sexual mastery of itself/is sexually enpowered in aspect x2=v2 under conditions x3=v3 Contrasts with glevli in that the latter implies external orientation of dominion whereas this word implies solely self-oriented empowerment. A sex slave is te glevli and not glesezborvli.