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ko'a simlu lo ka zarci i je lo so'i prenu ta'e klama lo nenri ce'o bartu i ji'a cinri fa lo nu pa canko be ko'a cu spofu
ko'a looks like a store, many people go in and out. In addition, it's interesting that there is a window in ko'a that is broken.
lo nu klama lo zunle gi'e ba bo ze'a klama lo crane gi'e ba bo klama lo pritu cu pluta lo aftobuso tcana ti
The route to the bus station is the following: you turn left, then go straight for a while, and then turn right.
fu'ivla x1 must go to x2 from x3 via x4 (default: speaker)'s way or highway x5
lujvo x1 and x2 have the same truth value; either both or none of x1 and x2 is true See also .o, jo, gi'o, go, jetfrica, kaxyje'u, vlinyje'u.
lujvo x1 needs to go to location x2 for purpose/action x3 See klama, nitcu, zvatcu, bilga, cliva, ei
obsolete fu'ivla x1 is a sagittaria (genus Sagittaria) of species/strain x2. Sagittaria is a genus of about 30 species of aquatic plants whose members go by a variety of common names, including arrowhead, duck potato, iz-ze-kn, katniss, kuwai (くわい in Japanese), swan potato, tule potato, and wapato.
lujvo j_1 lets go/releases j2 from j3 (part of j1) at locus j4 (part of j2). Cf. to'e, jgari, zifcru.
lujvo c1 requests/asks c2 to go back/return to x2 from x3. Cf. xruti, cpedu. Based on proposed redefinition of xruti by xorxes: x1 returns to x2 from x3.
lujvo x1 is a merry-go-round. Cf. zdile, kelci, zdirajycarcukla, zdidadysli, zdima'ateryre'e.
fu'ivla x1 (mass/set) do orienteering in competition of type x2 [property of the event] with (other) rule(s) x3 [property of each participant]. The x2 is the major type of the orienteering event, be it Score-O, point-to-point, or other types such as MountainBike-O, etc. The x3 is a property of the individual participants, including things like "not allowed to go beyond point X" or "beating up other participants is allowed" etc. The tanru "jivnrfarzu'e se gunma" is sufficient to say "I do orienteering".
fu'ivla x1 [mass/sequence] plays the Lojban word chaining game (vlalinkei) with ruleset x2 and winner x3 with resulting sentence x4 against world champion x6 for fabulous cash prize x7 and endorsement deal(s) x8 groupies x9 (except they probably go earlier), played at time x10 at location x11 and honorific title x12 breaking record(s) x13 with mindless spectators x14 taking time x15 [amount] containing most frequently used word x16 (zo) and not using perfectly good words x17 (zo) displaying new strategy/trick x18 supervised by x19 with referee x20 and used message transmission system x21 time limit per move x22 shortest move of the game x23 broadcast on TV network(s) x24 with Neilson ratings x25 supplanting previously most watched show x26 winning new fans x27 who formerly played x28 which is inferior for reasons x29 by standard x30 with banned words x31 with words winning additional points x32 with climax of suspense x33 and best comeback x34