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ti djarspageti .i ta go'i
This is spaghetti. That (is spaghetti), too.
xu do kanro .i go'i
Are you healthy? I am healthy.
lo volratcu cu mabru .i ma'a go'i
Bats are mammals, just like us.
na go'i .i ra na co'e
No, it's not.
mi na co'e .i ba'e do go'i
No I'm not; you are!
.abu banzu .ijeku'i by. na go'i
A is enough, but B is not enough.
go'i .i mi nelci cai ra
Yes, I really like him.
na go'i .i mi na speni
No, I am not married.
mi ba klama i cabo do go'i
I will go when you do.
go'i .i jdika zo'e li muno
Yeah, $50 down.
si'a lo speni be mi cu go'i
My wife likes wine, too.
experimental cmavo pronoun: the referent of the last utterance Equivalent to la'edi'u or lo su'u go'i; compounds considered common enough in usage statistics to deserve a shortening.
cmavo-compound discursive: false-true question. Example: xunai do djuno - 'Don't you know?'. Only negates the question rhetorically, and not the expected answer; go'i/ja'a/je'u still means "Yes, I know".
lu xu do ba'o citka li'u .i zo go'i
"Have you eaten?" "Yes, I have."
mi bilga lo nu cusku lu na go'i li'u do
I must say no to you.
ei mi cusku lu na go'i li'u do
I must say no to you.