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experimental gismu x1 reflects/pertains to the Mediterranean region/culture/geography/identity/[nationality] in aspect x2
fu'ivla x1 reflects Punic/Carthaginian culture/language/society/nation/identity in aspect x2 See also: latmo, friko, latmrfriko, gomsi, banxupu'u
gismu rafsi: la'o x1 reflects Latin/Roman/Romance culture/empire/language in aspect x2. See also ropno, fraso, spano, xispo, itlo, gomsi.
fu'ivla x1 pertains to/reflects Levant/Mashriq/al-Shaam/Shumm (eastern Mediterranean, northeast African, western Asian, western Middle Eastern; Mediterranean littoral region, Fertile Crescent subregion) culture/nationality/geography/history/character in aspect x2 x2 can also be used to define how the term is being used (since the definition has been historically variable and vague). See also: lusto , gomsi, ckenderu.