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gismu rafsi: rek x1 is a frame/structure/skeleton/outline supporting/load-bearing/determining the form of x2. See also korbi, stura, tsina, bongu.
greku zei uidje
zei-lujvo u1=g1 is a frame enclosing widget(s) g2 in user interface u2 See uidje.
lo greku be le bitmu cu mudri
The frame of the fence is wooden.
lujvo u1=g1 is a frame enclosing widget(s) g2 in user interface u2 See greku, uidje. Syn. {greku zei uidje}
gismu rafsi: sin x1 is a stage/platform/dais/[scaffold] at/in x2 supporting x3, made of material x4. (x3 object/event); See also greku, jubme.
gismu rafsi: kor koi x1 is an edge/margin/border/curb/boundary of x2 next-to/bordering-on x3. See also cmavo list koi, greku, mlana, jimte, ctebi, bartu.
lujvo x2=c1 is a window/portal/opening in wall/building/structure x1=c2. se canko, see also bitmu, dinju, kevna, greku, kumfa, korbi
gismu rafsi: tur su'a x1 is a structure/arrangement/organization of x2 [set/system/complexity]. (x2, if a set, is completely specified); See also ganzu, morna, ciste, lujvo, greku, gerna.
gismu rafsi: bog bo'u x1 is a/the bone/ivory [body-part], performing function x2 in body of x3; [metaphor: calcium]. x2 is likely an abstract: may be structure/support for some body part, but others as well such as the eardrum bones; the former can be expressed as (tu'a le ); cartilage/gristle (= ranbo'u), skeleton (= bogygreku). See also greku, denci, jirna, sarji.