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mi pu citka lo vrici grute no'u mu'a lo plise je lo badna mu'a nai .i ji'a mi pu citka re patlu
I ate different fruits like apples and bananas and such. I also ate two potatoes.
gismu rafsi: deb x1 is a bean/pea/leguminous seed from plant [legume] x2. See also grute, sobde, tsiju.
fu'ivla x1 is a strawberry of species/breed x2. Cf. frambesi, grute, jbari, rozgu.
fu'ivla x1 is a blackberry/raspberry/bramble of species x2. Cf. fragari, grute, jbari, rozgu.
gismu rafsi: jba x1 is a berry (fruit/plant) of plant/species x2. See also grute, tsiju, narge.
gismu x1 is made of/contains/is a quantity of juice/nectar from-source/of-type x2. Water-based extract from a (generally) biological source. See also pinxe, djacu, grute, stagi.
fu'ivla x1 is a fruit tea made of x2 can be made out of either fresh or stewed fruits. See also grute, tcati
gismu x1 is a quantity of citrus [fruit/tree, etc.] of species/strain x2. See also grute, slari, slami, xukmi.
experimental gismu x1 is a papaya (fruit) of species/variety/cultivar x2 rutrpaupau is the non-experimental synonym of “pamga”. See also grute.
gismu rafsi: pil pi'a x1 is a crust/rind/peel/skin/hide/outer cover of x2. (cf. grute, calku, skapi (pilka as a general term includes skapi), gacri)
lujvo p1 is a jam/jelly/confiture/marmalade made from fruit g2 of species g2. Cf. grute, pesxu, rutpiljdu.
lujvo j1 is a quantity of marmalade made from fruit g1 of species g2. Cf. grute, pilka, jduli, rutpesxu, nimryjdu.
lujvo t1 is a fruit tart filled with fruit g2. Cf. grute, tisna, titnanba, jupypesxu.
fu'ivla x1 is a succade, a candied peel of plant x2 Usually x2 is a citrus, e.g. citron or Citrus medica. See sakta, grute
lujvo z1 is a farmer's market selling z2, operated by farmers z3=c3. Cf. nurma, grute, spati, xarju, bakni, ladru, sovda.
gismu rafsi: nag x1 is a nut [body-part: hard-shelled fruit] from plant/species x2 with shell x3 and kernel x4. Also x4 nucleus, center (= velnarge for place reordering). See also grute, stagi, jbari, midju.