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xu lo do famtynakni za'o zvati lo drata gugde
Is your uncle still abroad?
ti'e lo ko'a patfu cu mrobi'o ne'i lo fange gugde
It is said that his father died in a foreign country.
no prenu cu censa bu'u lo gugde be vo'a
No man is a prophet in his own country.
ti gugde lo cilce prenu lo na'e barda
This is a country of wild people covering not a big territory.
lo jbopre pu jmaji lo dinju lo vrici gugde
Lojbanists gathered.
lo ralju tcadu be lo bu'u gugde cu darno ti
The main city of this country is far away from here.
le tcaci cu steci lo gugde poi xazdo
The custom is specific to Asian countries.
xu lo'e se gugde poi do cmima cu citka lo rismi
Do you eat rice in your country?
lenu mi litru lo fange gugde cu du pa lo'i pluka be mi
Traveling abroad is one of my favorite things.
mi pu tavla lo mi rirni lo nu mi tadni bu'u lo bartu gugde
I talked with my parents about my studying abroad.
la pongu'e cu selte'i lo ka selda'i fi lo ratyjbama kei lo'i gugde
Japan is the only nation to have been hit by nuclear bombs.
gajanai da'i mi ba xabju lo drata gugde gi ai mi xabju le ritygu'e
If I were to live abroad, I would live in Britain.
pa lo vi bitmu be le malsi cu sinxa lo pu nu le gugde cu vlipa
One of these walls of the temple is a sign of the past power of the country.
ti ckule lo bu'u gugde lo ve mikce lo citno tadni
This is a medical school serving in this area teaching therapy methods to young students.
ti jatna lo grute lo mi kagni lo te vecnu pe lo drata gugde
This is a bill for the fruits issued to my company by customers from another country.
lo ka ka'e tsuku lo drata gugde pu jenca le fetsi
It shocked her that she could get to another country.