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fu'ivla x1 is the country with the code ISO-3166 SU (USSR) for people x2. SU is a ISO-3166 code exceptionally reserved from June 2008. Cf. sofygu'e, softo, sesre
obsolete cmevla Soviet Cf. sesre, softo, gugdesu'u
lujvo x1 is USSR (Soviet Union) Cf. gugdesu'u, softo, sesre, rukygu'e, gugderu'u, sesrygugde
experimental gismu x1 reflects USSR (Soviet Union)/Soviet culture/Soviet nationality in aspect x2 softo doesn't mean Soviet ! Besides, some modern Russians hate Soviet period of their country. What is more, Russian Empire, USSR and Russian Federation are three different countries and CIS is not a country at all. Cf. softo, rusko, vukro, slovo, gugdesu'u, soviet.