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gismu rafsi: gum x1 is a mass/team/aggregate/whole, together composed of components x2, considered jointly. A description in x1 indicates of mass property(ies) displayed by the mass; masses may reveal properties not found in the individual set members that are massified, which themselves are not necessarily relevant to the mass property implicit in this bridi. See also bende, girzu, pagbu, cmavo list loi, lei, lai, ciste, cmima, kansa, tinci, mulgunma.
ropno gunma
European Union
gunma natmi
United Nations
friko gunma
African Union
sa'u lo remna cu gunma so'i selci
Simply put, a human being is an aggregate of many cells.
so'i da se gunma lo vanbi
There are many factors.
lo gunma pu mo'ifli lo nu telgau lo vorme
They forgot to lock the door.
ku'i mi tu'a lo gunma ka'enai mutce jimpe
But I can't understand them very well.
sei jalge lo gunma pu zanru lo selti'i
In the end, they approved the proposal.
lo gunma be lo prenu ca'o sruri le dinju
The crowd of people is surrounding the building.
lo kijno joi lo cidro cu se gunma lo djacu
Oxygen and hydrogen make water.
lo ransu cu gunma lo tunka joi tinci
Bronze is composed of copper and tin.
Lo spranto zohu: catni bangu la Ropno Gunma, vau uo sai!
Esperanto, an official language of the European Union, finally!
mi pu se nandu lo ka cadzu lo canre poi gunma lo cmalu rokci
It was hard for me to walk on the sand made of small stones.
lo prenu pu jdika lo ka gunma vau lo ci mei
People decreased in number by three persons.
lo kamni be lo ka jai gau farvi le bangu cu gunma za'u pa no prenu
There are more than 10 members in the committee for developing the language.