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mi nelci lo morna be lo pezli bei lo du'u lo gunma be ri cu cirkulo
I like patterns of leaves that form circles.
lujvo ga1 combines individual gu2 into mass gu1. Cf. gunma, jongau.
cmavo attitudinal: togetherness - privacy. See also kansa, gunma, sivni, sepli.
lujvo x1 is a crowd of persons x2 See prenu gunma
lujvo j2 (object/jo'u-objects) are entangled/knotted/clumped together with knot/clump j1. Cf. jgena, gunma.
loi mlatu cu klani li ci lo ka gunma ma kau i je va'i lo mlatu cu vo mei
The mass of cats is measured as having 4 units, in other words, there are 4 cats.
lujvo g1=m1 is a mass/team/aggregate/whole, together composed solely/completely/wholly of components x2, considered jointly, by standard m3. From mulno + gunma. Just gunma with a complete specification of members. m2 dropped since the property is always "membership in the mass in question". m3 left in since it seems to do no harm, although its meaning seems a bit unclear here.
cmavo convert number to portion selbri; x1 is an (n)th portion of mass/totality x2; (cf. gunma).
lujvo g1 puts together c1 into group c2. Cf. cmima, girzu, jmaji, gunma.
lujvo x1 (collection/sequence) has x2 (number) members See also memkai, gunma, cmima, porsi
lujvo gunm1 is a project consisting of tasks gunk2 done by gunk1 with goal/objective gunk3. Cf. gunka, gunma.
fu'ivla x1 is a mass/group consisting of elements x2, x3, x4, etc. See gunma, joi, porsice, setmice, menrece
fu'ivla x1 is a caravan consisting of x2 traveling across/through x3 Cf. bende, girzu, gunma.
fu'ivla x1 (mass / plurality) is a class / category / subgroup / subset including members x2, with defining property x3 (ka), within superset x4 (mass) See klesi, gunma, lanzu. Suggested morphemes: -klei-, -leiu-
lujvo x1 is the empty mass/aggregate See gunma, kutysetmima, kutpoi, kutlerpoi, kutyuenzi, kutydza, zai'o, tu'oi
gismu x1 is a quantity of/contains/is made of tin (Sn); [metaphor: cheap or base metal]. See also gunma, lante, boxfo, cnisa, jinme.