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lo vi ru'i nai gusni se la'u li du'e savru mi lo ka se viska
These flashes are too noisy.
lo bombila pu slilu lo snidu lo ka te gusni lo xunre ce'o lo blanu
A light bulb was flickering every second changing from red to blue light.
lo bombila cu vitci lo ka te gusni vau gi'e ja'o spofu
The light bulb gives an intermittent light and must be broken.
lo gusni cu petso pa mitre be li ji'i so pi mu lo ka muvdu ca ro nanca
1 light-year is approximately 9.5 Petameters (Pm).
fi lo karce e lo cadzu fa lo xunre gusni cu sinxa lo nu ei co'u muvdu
For cars and pedestrians red light is a sign that they should stop.
lujvo x1 is an oil lamp using petroleum-based products, illuminating x2 with light x1. Cf. ctile, gusni, laktergu'i, fagytergu'i, dictergu'i, rastergu'i.
gismu rafsi: ti'o x1 is a shadow/the shade of object x2, made by light/energy source x3. See also manku, gusni.
lujvo g3=d2 is an electric lamp illuminating g2 with light g1. Cf. dikca, gusni, rastergu'i, laktergu'i, fagytergu'i.
lujvo x1 is x2 (default 1) light year(s). Cf. gusni, minli,solminli, tanminli, ki'otre, darno.
lujvo n1 is Diwali (Deepavali) celebrated by s1 with activities s3 from gusni nu salci
lujvo x1 gleams/shines on to x2, the light source being x3. Cf. gusni, carmi, gusminra.
lujvo ma1=mi1=g2 is ill-lit with light g1 from light source g3. Cf. gusni, mabla, milxe
gismu rafsi: man x1 is dark/lacking in illumination. (cf. blabi, gusni, ctino; use kandi or xekri with colors, ctino)
lujvo x1 is an oil lamp using animal or vegetable products, illuminating x2 with light x1. Cf. grasu, gusni, laktergu'i, fagytergu'i, dictergu'i, ctilytergu'i.
xy zei dirce
zei-lujvo d1 ratiates X-rays d2 under conditions d3. See also: {xy zei gusni}, {xy zei kantu}, dirce.
lujvo b1 is a light switch which is on b2 and made from material b4 and controlling the light source g3. In this definition all kinds of light switch is included, not only simple on/off switchs but also dimmers, for example. See also gusni and batke.