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ii ro'o nai mi na drani punji le tanxe
No, not that it requires physical work, but I'm afraid I might not put the box correctly.
lo mi pendo ce mi pu tsuku lo cizra stuzi se cau lo ka sanji lo du'u ka'e ckape
My friend and I arrived at a strange place lacking the awareness that it can be dangerous.
lo cacra be li ci cu temci lo nu mi mo'u cliva lo dinju vau lo nu lo mamta mo'u tsuku le dinju
Three hours passed from the time I left the building till the time the mother arrived at it.
fu'ivla x1 is the language with ISO 639-3 code ''ify'' (Keley-I Kallahan). See also bangu
fu'ivla x1 is the language with ISO 639-3 code ''iwk'' (I-Wak). See also bangu
cmavo-compound evidential: if I remember correctly... Used to indicate uncertainty of memory. See moi'i, ju'ocu'i
cmavo evidential: I know by internal experience (dream, vision, or personal revelation). See also senva.
cmavo evidential: I hear (hearsay). See also tirna, sitna, tcidu.
do zenba lo ka certu tu'a la lojban no'i mi jinvi lo du'u lo do jufra na mulno drani
You are becoming more and more proficient in Lojban. Back to the previous topic, I think your sentence wasn't fully correct.
experimental cmavo discursive suffix: attaches to number. "I expect with probability..." Takes a number before it. "pimu ba'ai" = "I expect with probability 0.5". See kanpe, ba'a, lakne, la'a
experimental cmavo attitudinal modifier: supposed emotion - factual emotion Used for emotions that are non-factual, for example when talking about hypothetical events. la'a ui dai'i mi ba te dunda lo karce lo mi patfu I will probably be given a car by my dad and I would feel happy about it if that happened.
experimental cmavo evidential: I expect - I deny expecting See kanpe, lai'i, vei'i. Split from ba'a so that it can be properly negated with nai or questioned with pei
experimental cmavo evidential: I experience - I deny experiencing See lifri, kai'e, vei'i. Split from ba'a so that it can be properly negated with nai or questioned with pei
lujvo b1=v1 is a switch/actuating lever on/for item b2, with purpose b3, made of material b4. Though there has been a great amount of debate in Lojbanistan over the need for a lujvo as such, I thought I would submit it anyway.
experimental cmavo Something associated with; equivalent to ''zo'e pe'' or "lo co'e be". There are a lot of cases where people use "tu'a" where they actually mean zo'ei; once I noticed the usefulness of such a word to elide whole chunks of sentences, I started wanting it all the time. -camgusmis
cmavo digit/number: imaginary i; square root of -1. See also: kau'o, ka'o'ai, ka'o'ei.