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lo insekto cu cinki
Insects are arthropods.
ti rango lo insekto lo ka tirna
This is an organ of insects performing the function of listening.
fu'ivla x1 is a mosquito (insect of family Culicidae) of taxon x2 See also sfani, insekto
mi xebni ro lo jutsi be lo insekto
I hate insects of all kinds.
le insekto cu centi be lo mitre lo ka clani
The insect is 1 centimeter long.
mi se cinri lo ka tadni lo insekto
I am interested in studying insects.
lo xagji cribe cu citka ke ji'a sai lo insekto
A hungry bear will eat even insects.
lo ka citka lo insekto cu kulnu so'e lo remna
Eating insects is the culture of most of humans.