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fu'ivla x1 is an IRC user on channel x2 in network x3. Add a me'e place for nickname, or a fi'o tcana place for server, if needed. Erase x2 using zi'o if no channel is involved.
la tom cu irci la'o .net.#lojban.net. la'o gy.freenode.gy
Tom chats in IRC channel #lojban of freenode network.
cmevla IRC (Internet Relay Chat) An Internet-based real-time text communication system. See irci.
lujvo cat1=can1 is a lurker/inactively watches cat2 See also: bebzunpre, irci
.i mi pu za lo nanca be li pa .a re cu dikni .irci zo'ei dei .i je ku'i mi ze'u na lojbo zukte
I was a regular in the channel a year or two ago, but have been away from Lojban for a while now.