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gismu rafsi: jag ja'e x1 (action/event/state) is a result/outcome/conclusion of antecedent x2 (event/state/process). Also: x2 gives rise to x1 (= selja'e for reordered places); total (general meaning, but also = mekyja'e, pi'irja'e, sujyja'e). See also se mukti, te zukte, se rinka, se krinu, se nibli, mulno, sumji, pilji, mekso, cmavo list ja'e, ciksi.
le jalge no'e xamgu
The result won't really be good.
ra selmansa le jalge
He is satisfied with the result.
ko'a gleki lo jalge
They are happy about the result.
do gleki lo jalge
You are happy about the result.
lo cizra pu jalge
There ensued something strange.
ro jalge cu mansa mi
Whatever happens is okay with me.
lo jalge ca'o se senpi
The result is still in doubt.
ko'a tcegei tu'a le jalge
He was delighted at the result.
lo jalge ca'o se senpi
The result is still in doubt.
cmavo-compound na'e jalge modal, 1st place (event causal); without result ... Cf. na'e jalge
sei jalge ko'a pu zanru lo selti'i
In the end, they approved the proposal.
no da djuno lo du'u jalge makau
Nobody knows why.
ba'a jalge fa lo nonprali nungu'a
It will end in a waste of labor.
lo'e fasnu na jalge no da
Things don't just happen.
cmavo jalge modal, 1st place resultingly; therefore result ...