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gismu rafsi: jab x1 is a bell/chime/[tuning fork] [tuned percussion instrument] producing sound/note x2. Also: x1 rings/tolls (i.e. if it rings, then it is a bell); resonates (one sense, = jabdesku). See also zgike, tonga, desku, slilu.
lo janbe pu se sance lo cladu
The bell had a loud sound.
lujvo x1 is a wind chime See also janbe.
le za'umei pu cupra lo janbe sance sepi'o loi lenjo
They clinked glasses.
mi pu tirna lo janbe be lo cladu
I heard a loud bell ringing.
lo vi vorme janbe cu du lu'e mi
This doorbell is to call me.
la mairas ca'o tcidu lo cukta ca lo nu lo fonxa cu janbe
Myra was reading a book when the phone rang.
lujvo j1 is a sheep bell producing sound j2. Cf. lanme, janbe.
gismu rafsi: des x1 shakes/quakes/trembles/quivers/shudders/wobbles/vibrates from force x2. Also (expressible either with desku or slilu): side to side, to and fro, back and forth, reciprocal motion. See also slilu, janbe.
gismu rafsi: tog to'a x1 is a tone/note of frequency/pitch x2 from source x3. See also rilti, zgike, janbe, siclu.
gismu rafsi: sli x1 oscillates at rate/frequency x2 through set/sequence-of-states x3 (complete specification). Also (expressible either with desku or slilu): side to side, to and from, back and forth, reciprocal (motion), rotates, revolves. See also dikni, rilti, morna, desku, janbe, boxna.
gismu rafsi: zgi gi'e x1 is music performed/produced by x2 (event). x2 event may be person playing instrument, singing, musical source operating/vibrating, etc.; instrument (= zgica'a); play an instrument (= zgica'apli, zgiterca'a, selzgigau, selzgizu'e); song (= sagzgi, selsa'a); voice, as used musically (= zgivo'a); composed music (= finzgi). See also damri, dansu, flani, janbe, jgita, pipno, rilti, tabra, tonga, xagri, siclu.