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gismu rafsi: jva x1 is a rule prescribing/mandating/requiring x2 (event/state) within system/community x3. Regulation, prescription (also x2), principle, requirement (also x2), prescribe, require (conditions are usually contained within x2); x1 is regulatory; x2, x3 are regulated. See also flalu, ritli, cmavo list ja'i, marde, tcaci, tinbe, zekri.
.o'o nai ri'e nai na slabu javni
Okay, yes, ehm... it's not a well-known rule, though, you see.
ganai lo du'u fi ro da poi javni fa de nafselte'i ku javni gi da'o da poi javni fi node nafselte'i
If "every rule has at least one exception" is a rule, then at least one rule has no exception.
mi te javni lo ka co'u tavla gi'e co'a jundi
I should stop talking and start listening in order to learn.
e'u zukte lo javni be lo ka di'i retsku
I suggest you follow the rule or regularly asking questions.
ko'a zbasu lo javni be lo nu ko'a cikybi'o ti'u li xa ca ro cerni
He makes it a rule to get up at six every morning.
lu coi ro li'u ja'a gendra ni'i lo cizra javni po lo se cusku krasi
"Hello Every" is really grammatically correct, logically because of a crazy rule of an expression source.
mi pu te javni lo ka zukte lo se stidi be la tom
I should've followed Tom's advice.
cmavo javni modal, 1st place (by standard 1) orderly; by rule ...
cmavo-compound javni modal, 2nd place orderly; by rule prescribing ...
cmavo-compound javni modal, 3rd place orderly; by rule within system ...
lujvo x1 is a regular expression matching strings x2 and capturing groups x3, using flags/options/extensions x4. Uses javni and not dikni for the same reason we don't say dikyjvo anymore!
gismu rafsi: tib x1 obeys/follows the command/rule x2 made by x3; (adjective:) x1 is obedient. See also minde, lacri, javni, flalu, zekri.
lujvo j1=p2 is a policy by p1 policy maker regarding j3 subject of policy, j1 is political Made out of platu, javni. Politics as an activity may be "nu plajva" and political science may be "plajva saske"
lujvo j1 is a human right for z1=p1 to do z2 (event/state). Cf. prenu, zifre, javni, zi'ejva, rarzi'ejva, nunzi'e, kamyzi'e.
lujvo z1=r1 is a natural right for z1 to do/be z2 (event/state). Cf. rarna, zifre, javni, zi'ejva, selzi'e, nunzi'e, kamyzi'e, prezi'ejva.