lojbo jufsisku
Lojban sentence search

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lujvo c1 is a priest/pastor/imam of community c2 adhering to religion l1. Cf. lijda, catni, jdatro, jdaja'a, ravboni.
lo bruna be mi co'a jdaca'i
My brother has become a priest.
fu'ivla x1 is a/the rabbi of/in community x2. Cf. jdaca'i.
lujvo j1 is the bishop/archbishop of j2 of religion l1. Cf. lijda, jitro, catnrpepiskopo, jdaja'a, jdaca'i. For 'archbishop' one can use 'lo banli jdatro'.
lujvo j1 is the head of religion j2=l1 including members l2 sharing common beliefs/practices/tenets including l3. Cf. lijda, jatna, jatnrpapa, jdatro, jdaca'i.
gismu rafsi: jda x1 is a religion of believers including x2 sharing common beliefs/practices/tenets including x3. Also mythos, creed, traditional beliefs, x2 people(s), adherents; (adjective:) x1, x2, x3 are religious/ecclesiastic in nature; x2 is a believer in/of x1, an adherent/follower of x1 (= seljda for reordered places); x2 is a practitioner of x3 (= selterjda for reordered places); x3 is a tenet/belief/ritual/creed of x1/x2 (= terjda for reordered places); priest/clerical (= jdaca'i, jdaka'i, jdaja'a); organized church/religion (= be'ejda); congregation (= jdabe'e, jdagri). See also budjo, censa, cevni, crida, dadjo, jegvo, krici, latna, malsi, marde, muslo, pruxi, ranmi, ritli, xriso, zekri.