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mi manri lo nu ma kau ba jinga vau lo ka jdice ma kau
I'm the standard of determining of who will win, however I decide that will be so.
lujvo z2 is official, approved by authority z1=c1 over sphere/people c2. Cf. zanru, catni, jdice, curmi.
gismu rafsi: cux cu'a x1 chooses/selects x2 [choice] from set/sequence of alternatives x3 (complete set). Also prefer (= nelcu'a). See also jdice, pajni, nelci.
lujvo x1=m1=j1 is unwavering/determined/resolute in making decision x2=j2 (du'u) about x3=j3 (event/state). Cf. jdice, mutce, xarnu.
gismu rafsi: kaj x1 calculates/reckons/computes x2 [value (ni)/state] from data x3 by process x4. See also kancu, jdice, skami.
lujvo j1=p1 gives a verdict j2 (du'u) about matter j3=p2 (abstract). Cf. pajni, jdice.
lujvo j2 is a verdict given by j1=p1 about matter j3=p2 (abstract). Cf. pajni, jdice.
experimental gismu x1 deduces/reasons by deduction/establishes by deduction that x2 is true about x3 from general rule x4 See nibji'i, nusna, lanli, jdice, logji, nibli
lujvo jd1=jm1 assemble/meet/gather/[form a caucus]  to make decision(s) jd2 (du'u) about matter jd3 (event/state)  at location jm2. Cf. jdice, jmaji, nunjmaji, nunpe'i.
la alis ce la meilis pu jamna zu'ai lo du'u jdice lo du'u ma kau traji lo ka melbi vau lo me vo'a
Alice and Mei Lee were at war with each other in deciding who was prettier among them.
mi jansu lo mi gugde lo ka du lo prenu poi jdice vau fau lo nu casnu lo nu lebna lo ctile
I represented my country in discussions on getting oil as a person that takes decisions.
gismu rafsi: mar x1 is a frame of reference/standard for observing/measuring/determining x2, with/by rules x3. (x1 may be object or si'o idea); See also cmavo list ma'i, ckilu, merli, pajni, cimde, jdice, marde.
ko curmi lo nu lo mikce be do cu jdice lo du'u xukau do nitcu lo velmicyxukmi i ganai my cusku zo ja'a gi ko di'i citka vy co'u lo nu my minde do lo nu sisti
Let your doctor decide if you need medication. If he says 'yes', take it regularly until he tells you to stop.
gismu rafsi: pai x1 judges/referees/arbitrates/is a judge determining/deciding matter x2 (abstract). x2 includes jei = rule (jetpai), ni = estimate (lairpai), ka = evaluate (kairpai or vampai), or nu = referee/arbitrate (faurpai); single events of judging including specific decisions/judgements (= paijdi, jetpaijdi, lairpaijdi, kairpaijdi, vampaijdi, faurpaijdi); jury (= pairkamni), serve on a jury (= kamnypai, as part of mass x1). See also cuxna, jdice, vajni, cipra, zekri, manri, mansa.