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gismu rafsi: din di'i x1 is money/currency issued by x2; (adjective:) x1 is financial/monetary/pecuniary/fiscal. 'currency' sometimes is restricted to paper money (= pledi'i). See also fepni, jdima, rupnu, sicni, canja.
ma jdini
How much is it?
dakli so'u jdini
There is a little money in the bag.
ma jdini lebna
Who took the money?
mi ponse so'u jdini
I have little money.
xu do nitcu lo jdini
Do you need money?
mi na ponse lo jdini
I don't have any money.
ko'a ponse no loi jdini
He has no money.
ko'a jinga loi so'i jdini
He won a sizeable amount of money.
ko'a cpedu loi jdini mi
She asked me for money.
ma loi jdini pu lebna
Who took the money?
ei na xaksu lo jdini
We shouldn't spend money.
ra ralte lo so'i jdini
He has a lot of money.
lo jai temci cu jdini
Time is money.
ma se zvati lo jdini
Where's the money?
lo mi jdini na banzu
I don't have the money.