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gismu rafsi: jeg je'o x1 pertains to the common Judeo-Christian-Moslem (Abrahamic) culture/religion/nationality in aspect x2. Also Muslim. See also lijda, muslo, dadjo, xriso.
xu do se lijda lo jegvo
Do you belong to an Abrahamic religion?
.i mi na krici fi le jegvo cevni
I don't believe in God.
gismu rafsi: daj x1 pertains to the Taoist culture/ethos/religion in aspect x2. See also lijda, jegvo.
gismu rafsi: xis xi'o x1 pertains to the Christian religion/culture/nationality in aspect x2. See also jegvo, lijda.
cmevla God. Cf. cevni, jegvon, jegvo, muslo, xebro, xriso.
cmevla The Judeo-Christian-Muslim God. (cf. cevni, jegvo, xebro, xriso, muslo, cev)
gismu rafsi: mus x1 pertains to the Islamic/Moslem/Koranic [Quranic] culture/religion/nation in aspect x2. Also Muslim. See also jegvo, lijda.
lujvo cu1=ce1 is a holy book containing work cu2 by (presumed) author cu3 for audience cu4=ce2 preserved in medium cu5. Cf. lijda, xebro, xriso, muslo, jegvo.
gismu rafsi: jda x1 is a religion of believers including x2 sharing common beliefs/practices/tenets including x3. Also mythos, creed, traditional beliefs, x2 people(s), adherents; (adjective:) x1, x2, x3 are religious/ecclesiastic in nature; x2 is a believer in/of x1, an adherent/follower of x1 (= seljda for reordered places); x2 is a practitioner of x3 (= selterjda for reordered places); x3 is a tenet/belief/ritual/creed of x1/x2 (= terjda for reordered places); priest/clerical (= jdaca'i, jdaka'i, jdaja'a); organized church/religion (= be'ejda); congregation (= jdabe'e, jdagri). See also budjo, censa, cevni, crida, dadjo, jegvo, krici, latna, malsi, marde, muslo, pruxi, ranmi, ritli, xriso, zekri.