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gismu rafsi: jen x1 (event) shocks/stuns x2. See also darxi, gunta, spaji.
naru'e jenca
That's almost a shocking situation.
do ca'a se jenca
You're in shock.
mi djuno lo nu do se jenca
I know you're shocked.
jenca mo .i ma zvati lo do rirni .i lo do nakspe cu mo
What horrible events took place? Where are you parents? What happened to your husband?
lo ka ka'e tsuku lo drata gugde pu jenca le fetsi
It shocked her that she could get to another country.
gismu rafsi: dax da'i x1 hits/strikes/[beats] x2 with instrument [or body-part] x3 at locus x4. See also bikla, gunta, jenca, tunta, tikpa, janli, jgari, pencu.
gismu rafsi: gut x1 (person/mass) attacks/invades/commits aggression upon victim x2 with goal/objective x3. See also bradi, damba, darxi, jamna, jenca, jursa.
gismu rafsi: paj x1 (event/action abstract) surprises/startles/is unexpected [and generally sudden] to x2. Also expectation (= nalspaji), alarm (= tepspaji). See also manci, jenca, bredi, suksa.