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gismu rafsi: gin x1 is a gene of creature [or locus on creature] x2 determining trait/process x3. Also chromosome = (gincilta, ginpoi). See also cerda.
lo se cupra poi vasru lo jgina stika jmive cu jmive ckape lo remna
Products with GMO are dangerous to human life.
xo da jgina lo remna lo ka lo skapi be ce'u cu skari ma kau
How many genes in humans determine the color of skin?
lujvo x1 is a chromosome containing gene/locus x2 of species x3. Cf. jgina, cilta.
lujvo x1 is genetics based on methodology x2. Cf. cerda, jgina
gismu rafsi: ced x1 is an heir to/is to inherit x2 (object/quality) from x3 according to rule x4. Pedantically, inheriting an object should be a sumti-raising (tu'a if non-abstract in x2) of inheriting loka ponse the object - the ownership of the object (= posycerda, posyselcerda for unambiguous semantics). See also jgina.