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gismu rafsi: jik x1 interacts/behaves socially with x2; x1 socializes with/is sociable towards x2. See also tarti, penmi.
jikca toldi
social butterfly
cmavo emotion category/modifier: social - antisocial. See also jikca.
au nai mi ca lo cabdei su'o da jikca
I don't want to see anyone today.
ci'e la internet lo vrici prenu ka'e jikca zu'ai
In the system of the internet, various people can socialize with each other.
lo munje saske cu zmadu lo jikca saske lo ka pluja
The natural sciences are harder than the social sciences.
ra jikca lo so'i prenu gi'e di'i gasnu lo te salci
He is a sociable person interacting with many people and regularly organizing parties.
lo za'u vi prenu cu sarxe lo rarna lo ka ce'u ce'u jikca
This people are in harmony with nature in interacting with each other.
lo kibro cu ciste lo se tcana be lo skami poi se pi'o ce'u lo prenu cu jikca
The internet is a system with computer nodes, using which people communicate.
lujvo j1=c1 courts/flirts with j1, exhibiting sexuality/gender/sexual orientation c3 (ka) by standard c4. Cf. cinse, jikca, prami, pampe'o
lujvo c1 is a dance/ball involving participants c2=d1, to accompaniment/music/rhythm d2. Cf. dansu, cuntu, zgike, salci, jikca.
lujvo x1=t1=j1 behaves/conducts themself as/in-manner x2=t2 when interacting/behaving socially with x3=j2 See also tarti, jikca.
lujvo c1 is a society of c2=k2 with cultural aspects k1. Cf. cecmu, kulnu, jikca, kulnu.
gismu rafsi: pen pe'i x1 meets/encounters x2 at/in location x3. See also jorne, jikca, pencu.
lujvo sl3 is an ceremony/celebration for recognizing/honoring si2 (object of esteem) with participants sl1=si1. Cf. sinma, salci, tersla, jmaji, jikca.
lujvo s3 is a activity/[party] for celebrating/recognizing/honoring s2 (event/abstract) with participants s1. Cf. salci, jmaji, jikca, si'artersla.