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pei do jimpe lo du'u ra djica lo ka cusku makau
Did you understand what he wanted to say?
i ko spusku mrilu mi po'o fau lonu do tcidu je jimpe ti
Reply me via mail only when you read and understand this.
lo makfa cu du lo se fadni poi pu'o se jimpe
The supernatural is the natural not yet understood.
mi na pu jimpe lo smuni be lo be do se retsku
I didn't understand your question.
lo cifnu na jimpe lo te frica be lo xamgu bei lo xlali
A baby has no knowledge of good and evil.
le pa tadni pu no ba'u cu'i roi jimpe lo ve ciksi be fo mi
The student literally never understood my explanations.
lo nu mi se bangu la lojban na banzu lo nu jimpe do
My level of speaking Lojban isn't enough to understand you.
mi na jimpe lo te ckini be lo panci bei lo se vecnu be fi do
I don't understand the relation between the smell and your purchase.
mi na jimpe lo smuni be lo se cusku be do
I don't understand the meaning of said by you.
la kevin cu zukte ro da tai i ja'e bo mi jimpe no de
Kevin does everything in such a way I can't understand anything.
gismu rafsi: ske x1 (mass of facts) is science of/about subject matter x2 based on methodology x3. Not limited to science as derived by the scientific method, but pertaining to any body of usually-coherent knowledge garnered/gathered/assembled by a consistent methodology. See also datni, fatci, djuno, cipra, pensi, jimpe.
gismu rafsi: mun smu x1 is a meaning/interpretation of x2 recognized/seen/accepted by x3. Referential meaning (=selsni, snismu). See also jimpe, sinxa, valsi, tanru, gismu, lujvo, cmavo, jufra.
.e'u curmi lo nu do jimpe fi da poi tarti .e de poi te tarti fi da
Let thy understanding enter into the things that are doing and the things which do them.
gismu rafsi: vis vi'a x1 sees/views/perceives visually x2 under conditions x3. Also (adjective:) x1 is visual; x3 can include ambient lighting, background, etc. which may affect what is perceived; note that English "see" often means "look" or a more generic "observe", or even "understand, know". See also catlu, jvinu, kanla, minra, simlu, djuno, jimpe, zgana, ganse.
.e'u doi mi'o do'u ko finti lo bangu pe mi'o mu'i lo nu no da jimpe lo se cusku be mi'o
Let's make our own language so no one will know what we're talking about!
lo nu cilre lo bangu mu'i lo nu jimpe ja cusku ku ku mutce frica lo nu cilre lo bangu mu'i lo nu zifre pilno pa'a lo verclibau
There is a big difference between learning a language in order to understand or to say something if needed, and wanting to acquire a second language in order to command it freely, almost like you command your first language, your mother tongue.