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gismu rafsi: jis x1 (object) is clean/pure of material/contaminant/dirt x2 by standard x3. See also lumci, jinru, curve, sepli.
ti jinto lo jinsa djacu
This is a spring of clean water.
.i lo cmalu lekmi'i cu to'e jinsa
The little fridge is dirty.
le la .djan. xance cu jinsa
John's hand is clean.
le ve'u xamsi cu to'e jinsa
The ocean is dirty.
mi pu jai gau jinsa fai le jubme loi palta
I cleared the table of dishes.
mi lumci lo nei te ta'i lo nu mi to'e jinsa
I wash myself, this being sensible in the case that I am dirty.
mi pu na kakne lo nu jai gau jinsa lo barna fai lo do crino pastu
I couldn't get the stain out of your green dress.
lujvo l1 (agent) showers l2. Cf. cavysezlu'i, lumci, carvi, jinsa, zbabu.
gismu rafsi: jir x1 (object/person) is immersed/submerged/bathes in liquid x2. Take a bath/bathe (= jirsezlu'i). See also lumci, nenri, jinsa.
lujvo x1 is drinking water See also djacu, pinxe, jinsa, curve, cidja
lujvo c1 is drinking water for c2. See also djacu, pinxe, jinsa, curve, cidja.
lujvo x1 is drinking water Syn. pixydja. See also djacu, pinxe, jinsa, curve, cidja
gismu rafsi: cuv x1 is pure/unadulterated/unmitigated/simple in property x2 (ka). x1 is simply/purely/unmitigatedly/solely x2. See also prane, jinsa, manfo, sampu, sepli, traji, lumci, xukmi.
gismu rafsi: lum lu'i x1 (agent) washes/cleanses x2 of soil/contaminant x3 in/with cleaning material(s) x4. Agentless washing/cleansing (= cuvbi'o, jisybi'o). See also djacu, jinru, litki, zbabu, jinsa, curve.
gismu rafsi: sep sei x1 is apart/separate from x2, separated by partition/wall/gap/interval/separating medium x3. Also aloof (= jiksei); alone (= rolsmisei meaning apart or unlike all others of its kind; pavysei, seirpavmei meaning "only" or "one alone" - do not use when talking about, for example, two people who are alone); x3 space. See also bitmu, snuji, senta, fendi, curve, jinsa, bitmu, marbi.