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gismu rafsi: jip ji'o x1 is a tip/point/vertex/extremity/end [0-dimension shape/form] on object x2 at locus x3. See also mokca, jesni, fanmo, kojna, krasi.
ti jipno
This is the end.
lo kinli cu jipno lo dakfu
The tip of the knife is sharp.
lo balre cu kinli lo jipno
The tip of the blade is sharp.
lo balre be lo dakfu cu kinli lo jipno
The tip of the knife blade is sharp.
mi'ai pu za'o mo'u tsuku lo cmana jipno
We finally reached the top of the mountain.
lo jipno be lo mi nazbi mo'u dunja
The tip of my nose is frozen.
mi pu pencu lo plise se pi'o lo jipno be lo mi tance
I touched the apple with the tip of my tongue.
lujvo l1 is a meridian on celestial body/sphere j2 (default Earth) From jendu, jipno, linji, jedji'o. Cf. plinyxabykoi, sunsicyjudri.
gismu rafsi: jes x1 is a needle [pointed shape/form, not tool] of material x2. See also konju, pijne, jipno, kinli.
lujvo j1=d1=m1 is a/the (palatine) uvula [body-part] of m2. See also ranmoldru, jipno.
gismu rafsi: moc x1 is a point/instant/moment [0-dimensional shape/form] in/on/at time/place x2. x1 is dimensionless. See also jipno, jganu, linji, stuzi, tcika.
gismu rafsi: koj ko'a x1 is a corner/point/at-least-3-dimensional [solid] angle [shape/form] in/on x2, of material x3. Also apex; a corner exists on three dimensions but need not be limited to points; it suggests a discontinuity in slope in some direction; i.e. in some planar cross-section. See also jipno, konju, bliku, fanmo, jganu, krasi.
gismu rafsi: kra x1 (site/event) is a source/start/beginning/origin of x2 (object/event/process). Also root (figurative sense); (adjective:) x1 is initial. See also fanmo, cmavo list ra'i, sabji, cfari, jipno, traji, kojna, genja, jicmu, sitna, jinto.
gismu rafsi: fam fa'o x1 is an end/finish/termination of thing/process x2; [not necessarily implying completeness]. x1 is final/last/at the last; x1 is a terminal/terminus of x2; x1 is the final/terminated state of terminated process x2; x2 terminates/ceases/stops/halts at x1 (= selfa'o for reordered places). See also krasi, cfari, mulno, sisti, denpa, jipno, kojna, traji, krasi.
fu'ivla x1 is a Lojban-derived zi'evla/"self-loan-word" with meaning x2 derived from word(s) x3 From lojbo + fu'ivla, shortening of jbojbofu'ivla. See zi'evla. Examples of jbofuvi: crenzuue, gentufa, aiste, and of course, jbofuvi itself. // Although usually refers to zi'evla, is not necessarily limited to it - jinda (from jipno dirce tarmi) is an experimental gismu that's a jbofuvi, while dzipo (from cadzu cipni) is an original gismu that's also a jbofuvi.