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la mupli cu mupli lo poi'i lo nu jmina lo mupli ke'a cu xamgu lo nelci be lo mupli
Tatoeba is an example of things that are such that adding examples to them is good for those who like examples.
lujvo j2 is an addition by agent j1 to j3 with result j4. Cf. jmina, kansa, zenba.
gismu rafsi: suj x1 is a mathematical sum/result/total of x2 plus/increased by x3. See also jmina, jalge, mulno, pilji, su'i.
gismu rafsi: zen ze'a x1 (experiencer) increases/is incremented/augmented in property/quantity x2 by amount x3. See also jdika, zmadu, banro, jmina.
gismu rafsi: ba'o x1 grows/expands [an increasing development] to size/into form x2 from x3. Also rising, developing; x1 gets bigger/enlarges/increases. See also farvi, zenba, jmina, barda, makcu, ferti.
le bi'unai stuzi ji'a cu se carvi piso'i snime i ji'a zukte zbasu lo se jmina ca'o lo nu mi'o zvati sy
This place also got a lot of snow plus they were busy making more the whole time we were there.
gismu rafsi: zma mau x1 exceeds/is more than x2 in property/quantity x3 (ka/ni) by amount/excess x4. Also positive (= nonmau). See also cmavo list mau, mleca, zenba, jmina, bancu, dukse, traji.
gismu rafsi: se'a x1 (agent) inserts/interposes/puts/deposits x2 into interior x3/into among/between members of x3. Insertion need not imply a significant degree of 'filling'; inject (= je'erse'a); syringe/needle (= se'arterje'e, je'erse'atci, jestu'u or tu'urjesni); also pour, inflate, stuff, fill. See also rinci, tisna, punji, jbini, nenri, jmina, culno, kunti, catlu.