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la karl cu clarai lo ro jmive nanmu
Carl is the tallest man alive.
le danlu cu jmive lo ka ruble muvdu
The animal is alive since it is weakly moving.
loi jmive cu se zbasu zi'o lo selci
Living beings are made from cells.
lujvo j1 dies / ceases to live; alive according to standard j2. Cf. co'u, jmive, morsi.
lujvo s1=j1 is a biological cell of s2. See also jmive, selci.
lujvo g1 reincarnates/resurrects j1 by standard j2. Cf. jmive, gasnu
lujvo jd1=jm1 is a jelly fish. Cf. jmive, jduli, finpe.
lujvo j1=s2 is immortal by standard j2. See also jmive, sisti, na'e.
fu'ivla x1 is a Linnaean order, between family and class See jutsi, klesi, jmive
su'o xa ki'o ki'o ki'o prenu cu jmive bu'u lo munje
There are more than six billion people in the world.
va'o lo nu lo solri na zvati kei na ka'e jmive bu'u le terdi
Without the sun, we couldn't live on the earth.
.i doi zgana lo nu do jmive cu nanca li xo
Hey, Zgana, how old are you?
finti lo lisri be loi fasnu be pu lo nu jmive
He wrote the story about the things that happened before he lived.
lo bi'unai za'u xrula pu zenba lo ka jmive bajeri'a lo carvi
The flowers revived after the rain.
lo jbobau ca'o jmive i ki'u po'o bo lo jbobau nabmi ca'o zasti
Lojban is alive only because problems in it continue to exist.
se'o verba selsanga se cu'u le se du'u lo za'i jmive cu selsenva po'o
I know internally that it is a children's song that express that life is only a dream.