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cmavo rafsi: jov logical connective: tanru-internal afterthought biconditional/iff/if-and-only-if.
roda mulno jo xamgu
Everything is okay in the end. If it's not okay, then it's not the end.
lo karce cu blabi jo nai grusi
The car is either white or gray.
mi tavla i jo nai do tavla
Either I talk or you talk.
do bilga jo djica lo ka zvati ti
You don't have to hang around if you don't want to.
ko tavla sisti i jo nai mi do xrani ai
Shut up, or I'll knock you out.
ai mi te vecnu lo karce poi kargu jo cnino
I'm going to buy an expensive car if and only if it is new (or not to buy any cars if they don't satisfy this condition).
fu'ivla x1 is the country with the code ISO-3166 ''JO'' (Jordan) for people x2. See also gugde
lujvo x1 and x2 have the same truth value; either both or none of x1 and x2 is true See also .o, jo, gi'o, go, jetfrica, kaxyje'u, vlinyje'u.