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cmavo discursive: metalinguistic affirmer. See also drani.
jo'a go'i
That's right, yes.
ta jo'a melbi
That is beautiful.
jo'a do djuno
You do (know).
lu xu le prenu noi sanli ne'a lo va dinju cu ninmu li'u lu jo'a i mi na djuno li'u
"Is the person standing near that building a woman?" "Good question! I don't know! (there is a person standing near the building, the question of whether it's a woman is applicable)."
experimental cmavo affirm last word: attached to cmavo to affirm them; denies negation by nai whenever it is applicable. Suggested by Mark Shoulson in 1999 as an affirmative of nai. By analogy with the pairs na/ja'a, na'e/je'a, and na'i/jo'a.