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gismu rafsi: jon jo'e x1 is joined to/connects to/is united with x2 at common locus x3; x1 and x2 are a union. Also joined/fastened/attached by joint x3/by means of x3/with fastener x3; fastener (= jo'etci, jonvelyla'a); train, sequence of joined objects (= jonpoi; porjo'e for a single object joined into a sequence). See also lasna, fenso, kansa, pencu, penmi.
mi ca'a jorne
I am online.
xu do ca'a jorne
Are you online?
ca lo cabdei mi jorne
Today I'm online.
ko fonxa jorne lo pulji tcana
Call the police!
ko jorne la'e me'o so pa pa
Call 911!
ko jorne mi ca lo se djica be do
Call me anytime.
mi pu penmi le nakni tai lo nu kibro jorne
I met him online.
la alis cu jorne lo stizu lo skori
Alice it tied to the chair with a rope.
mi pu te vecnu lo ka jorne lo kibro
I bought an internet connection.
lujvo x1 calls x2 on the phone. See fonxa, jorne.
ma pu stura lo te ciplanli .i ma jorne ma ta'i ma
What did the experimental set-up look like? What was connected to what and how?
mi ba jorne do ba lo nu mi cliva lo ckule
I will call you after I leave the school.
lo letri te jorne poi lo solji cu sefta se la'u li rau xe benji
Electrical junctions with gold surfaces are good transmitters.
lujvo g1 [person/agent] join s1 together. Cf. jorne, simxu, gasnu, jonsi'u.
lujvo x1 are joined at/by x2. Cf. jorne, simxu, jonsimgau.