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cmavo-compound evidential: I say without asserting; "supposedly… / allegedly…" Used to describe something as others describe it or as convenient, but without asserting that the description is accurate or correct. Something like English "so-called", but without necessarily implying sarcasm (xo'o). See ju'a, iacu'i
le ju'acu'i nanmu poi do pu viska ke'a cu je'u ninmu
The "man" that you saw is actually a woman.
experimental cmavo modifier / discursive: elliptical affirmative; "maybe, maybe not" Elliptical NAI/CAI. "Maybe yes, maybe no, maybe somewhere in between". Can also modify attitudinals: uicau'i = "Maybe I'm happy, maybe I'm sad". See ju'ocu'i, ju'acu'i, ju'oinai, cau'a, cau'e, na'i, ge'e