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ai mi lumci lo kumfa gi'e jukpa lo torta
I'm going to clean the room and cook a cake.
ta'i ma jukpa lo rismi se pi'o nai lo jalna
How to cook rice without starch?
gismu rafsi: pra x1 produces x2 [product] by process x3. See also zbasu, farvi, gundi, jukpa.
la .meiris. le mamta be ri pu sidju lo nu jukpa
Mary helped her mother cook.
.iacai ca lo nu skina mulno ku le jukpa cu du le catra
I'll be damned, if by the end of the movie the chef doesn't turn out to be the killer.
mu'i lo za'i lo ko'a selspe cu darno kei ko'a selfu be ri jukpa lo vacysai
His wife being out, he cooked dinner for himself.
lo pu nu la .tom. cu jukpa kei ja'a na'e xlali
Tom's cooking was actually not so bad.
lo mi mamta ku jukpa lo titnanba ca lo vi cerni
My mother made cookies this morning.
lo mamta be la .tam. cu jukpa lo titnanba ca lo vi cerni
Tom's mother made cookies this morning.
la tom pu citka lo spisa be lo titnanba poi la maris pu jukpa
Tom ate a piece of the cake that Mary baked.
ko jgari lo cinza be lo nu jukpa bei lo glare
Take chopsticks for cooking hot food.
le mamta pu jukpa le torta lo ka punji ri lo toknu
Mother cooked the cake by putting it in the oven.
au do jukpa lo nanba gi'e ke lumci le kumfa gi'o nai cadzu ka'ai le gerku
I wish you cooked the bread and either cleaned the room or walked with the dog.
la alis cu slabu mi lo ka jukpa lo kukte torta
Alice is familiar to me in cooking tasty cakes.
lo nu jai gau glare cu tadji lo nu jukpa lo sovda
Heating is how you cook an egg.
lujvo p1=j2 is a baked good/cake/mochi/doughnut/pizza dough/pie/macaroon/[cooked paste] made from p2 prepared by j1 according to method/recipe j3 Cf. jukpa, pesxu, titnanba, rutytisna. Originally coined by .lis.nunyn. on IRC.