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fu'ivla x1 blanches/cooks/prepares food-for-eating x2 by sitting it in boiling liquid x3 for a short time-duration/interval x4 and then plunged into/placed under running liquid x5, blanched at boiling temperature x6 and pressure x7. See also: boil (=febjukpa), simmer (=febjbijukpa), poach (=febmlijukpa), court bouillon (=likrkorbojo/febmliseljukpa). Not to be confused with other definitions of blanching, like parboiling (=nalmulfebjukpa).
lujvo x1=ju1 simmers/cooks/prepares food-for-eating x2=j2 by sitting it in simmering liquid x3=ji1=f1 at temperature x4=f2 and pressure x5=f3. See also: boil (=febjukpa), poach (=febmlijukpa), blanche (=juprblanca), court bouillon (=likrkorbojo/febmliseljukpa).