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gismu rafsi: jut x1 is a species of genus x2, family x3, etc.; [open-ended tree-structure categorization]. Also subspecies, order, phylum; (places do not correspond to specific levels in the hierarchy; rather, x1 is at a "lower" or "bushier" part of the tree than x2, x2 is "lower" than x3, etc.; skipping a place thus means that there is one or more known-and-unspecified levels of hierarchy between the two); not limited to Linnean animal/plant taxonomy. See also klesi, lanzu.
ja'o do na ka'e citka lo se jutsi be vo'a
Then you cannot be a cannibal.
mi xebni ro lo jutsi be lo insekto
I hate insects of all kinds.
mi zgana lo cinki poi jutsi ro da
I watch insects of all kinds.
dinsauru sovda xu .i na cumki .i lo bi'unai danlu ca morsi jutsi
Dinosaur eggs? Impossible. These animals are already extinct.
mi pu viska pa danlu bu'u lo boske i le danlu cu jutsi ma
I saw an animal in the forest. What species does it belong to?
lujvo x1 (living being) belongs to species/taxon x2 See also jutmupli, klesi, jutsi
fu'ivla x1 is a Linnaean order, between family and class See jutsi, klesi, jmive
lujvo x1 (organism) is a member of species x2, genus x3, etc. Syn. jutmupli. Open-ended reverse Linnean place structure. See also jutlei, jutsi, cmima
lujvo x1=m1 is a specimen of a species/subspecies defined by traits including x2=m2, classified as x3=m3=j1, genus x4=m3=j2, etc. Open-ended reverse Linnaean place structure: see jutsi. See also jutlei, mupli.
gismu rafsi: kle lei x1 (mass/si'o) is a class/category/subgroup/subset within x2 with defining property x3 (ka). Also taxon, type, kind, classification, species, genus, family, order, phylum. See also cmavo list le'a, cmima, jutsi, ciste, girzu, lanzu, vrici.
gismu rafsi: laz x1 (mass) is a family with members including x2 bonded/tied/joined according to standard x3. Also clan, tribe; x2 is in x1, a member of x1 (selylanzu for reordered places); relative (= lazmi'u - xy mintu y'y leka cmima da poi lanzu). See also natmi, cmima, girzu, jutsi, klesi.
lujvo k1=jm1=ji3 is a kingdom [biology] of domain [biology] k2. For biological cathegory in general (=ji'eske klesi), domain (=?), kingdom (=this definition), phylum (=jicymivykle), class (=xeljutsi), order (=veljutsi), family (=terjutsi), genus (=seljutsi), species (=jutsi).
lujvo k1=jm1=ji3 is a phylum [animals]/division [plants] within/of kingdom [biology] k2=ji2. From jimca, jmive, klesi. For biological cathegory in general (=ji'eske klesi), domain (=?), kingdom (=seljimcymivykle), phylum (=this definition), class (=xeljutsi), order (=veljutsi), family (=terjutsi), genus (=seljutsi), species (=jutsi).