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lujvo The lujvo m1=l1 (text) is an equivalent/interchangable lujvo form of lujvo m2=l1 (text). This refers to the fact that Lojban's lujvo can have many forms, all of which are considered to be equal in meaning automatically. See The Lojban Reference Grammar, chapter 4, section 5: https://lojban.github.io/cll/4/5/ Not to be confused with “synonymous” (selsmudu'i), which may apply to entirely different words. Cf. lujvo, mintu.
lujvo x1 is the concept/idea of lujvo-equivalence, as held by x2 See si'o, jvomi'u, sidbo. Essentially to be used to talk about the concept of jvomi'u as a feature of Lojban, and to discuss its advantages and disadvantages.