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Lojban sentence search

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lujvo b1=m1 is adolescent / pubescent / maturing in development-quality m2 (ka) by standard x3. Cf. binxo, makcu, xadbixma'u, bavyfarvi, citnau.
lujvo g1 causes j1=b1 to decrease in property/dimension b2 (ka) by amount j3. Cf. barda, jdika, gasnu, cmazengau.
lujvo m1=b1 is very big/great/huge/enormous in the property of b2(ka) as compared with standard/norm b3. Cf. barda, mutce.
lujvo z1=b1 grows in property b2 (ka) by amount z3. Cf. barda, zenba, cmaze'a, brabi'o.
lujvo g1 causes z1=b1 to increase in property/dimension b2 (ka) by amount z3. Cf. barda, zenba, gasnu, cmajdikygau.
lujvo ca1=t1=cn1 is a/the mode [value that appears most often] in property/amount cn2 (ka/ni) among cn3(s) (set) by standard cn4.
gismu rafsi: cne x1 varies/changes in property/quantity x2 (ka/ni) in amount/degree x3 under conditions x4. Non-resultative, not-necessarily causal change. (cf. cenba which is non-resultative, galfi which is resultative and causal, stika which is non-resultative and causal; stodi, zasni, binxo)
gismu rafsi: cfi x1 (property - ka) is a flaw/fault/defect in x2 causing x3. See also cikre, srera, fenra, fliba, prane.
gismu rafsi: fi'u x1 (event/state) confuses/baffles x2 [observer] due to [confusing] property x3 (ka). See also pluja, cfipu, zunti.
gismu x1 (property - ka) is a dimension of space/object x2 according to rules/model x3. See also morna, ckilu, merli, manri.
lujvo x1 is infinitely recursively related to x2 by applying infinite levels of recursion to predicate relation x3 (ka with two ce'u) cimni + efku. Cf. ci'i, cimny'efku.
lujvo j1=c1 courts/flirts with j1, exhibiting sexuality/gender/sexual orientation c3 (ka) by standard c4. Cf. cinse, jikca, prami, pampe'o
lujvo v1 is historical/a landmark/watershed in the history of c2, according to v2=c3, in aspect/for reason v3 (nu/ka). Cf. cirmi'o.
gismu rafsi: ciz x1 is strange/weird/deviant/bizarre/odd to x2 in property x3 (ka). Also alien, mysterious, deviant, queer, unusual, exotic. See also ranxi, rirci, fange, banli.
lujvo g1 causes j1=c1 to decrease in the smallness of property/dimension c2 (ka) by amount j3. Cf. cmalu, jdika, gasnu, brazengau.
gismu rafsi: cma x1 is small in property/dimension(s) x2 (ka) as compared with standard/norm x3. See also caxno, cinla, jarki, tordu, barda.