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lujvo x1 is a solar panel / device for producing electricity from sunlight by process x2 (ka). The x2 is a property of the light illuminating the apparatus. Although the word "panel" appears in the definition, other shapes are encompassed by this word.
experimental gismu x1 sorta is/does x2 (nu/ka) under conditions x3 This is a joke word. Its main use is in the tanru kinda sorta
lujvo c1 x1 (mass) is a peripheral nervous system interrelated by structure c2 among neurons/components n1=c3 (set) of body n2, displaying c4 (ka).
lujvo d1 is a button (for clothing) of type/size d2 (ka/ni), made of material d3. Cf. dinko, taxfu.
lujvo a1 is a/the fetal position of body a2 characterized by property/(set of) properties a3 (ka). Syn: asnrtarbi, {tarbi zei asna}. See tarbi, asna
lujvo m1 is very much/very extreme in property m2 (ka), towards m3 extreme/direction. Differs from mutce only in intensity; add more "tce" to taste. Made from mutce + mutce.
lujvo x1 (agent) sets / configures x2 (machine/tool) to do x3 (state/event/ka-of-x2) From tutci, minde. See minji
lujvo g1 (experiencer) feels texture g2=t1 (proterty-ka) by means/senses g3 under conditions g4. The experiencer does not neccessarily intend to feel the texture. See tegzga for actively feeling.
lujvo x3=b1 is great/grand in property x2=b2 (ka) by standard x1=b3. te banli
lujvo x3=b1 exceeds/is beyond limit/boundary x2=b2 from x1=b3 in property/amount x4=b4 (ka/ni). te bancu
lujvo x3=b1 is big/large in property/dimension x2=b2 (ka) as compared with standard/norm x1=b3. te barda
lujvo x1 is the place structure of predicate relation x2 (n-ary ka, me'ei, or la'e zo) See terbri, stura, me'ei
lujvo x3=c1 is small in property/dimension x2=c2 (ka) as compared with standard/norm x1=c3. te cmalu
lujvo x1 (agent) convinces / persuades / motivates x2 (agent) to do/be x3 (ka/nu/zu'o) by means/motivation x4 (nu) See mukti, gasnu. See bitygau for another sense of "convince/persuade".
lujvo x3=v1 (object/event) is important/significant to x2=v2 (person/event) in aspect/for reason x1=v3 (nu/ka). te vajni
lujvo b1 is low/inferior/abject in property b2 (ka) by standard b3. Cf. to'e, banli, malfadni.