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gismu rafsi: kab x1 [observer] compares x2 with x3 in property x4 (ka), determining comparison x5 (state). See also klani, mapti, sarxe, zmadu, mleca, dunli.
li'i ze'ei nu
cmavo-compound abstractor: experience of event: x1 is x2's experience of observing or participating in [bridi] (event) = li'imdu be lo nu. See li'i, ze'ei, {li'i ze'ei ka}
lujvo x1 is harmonious with logical philosophy/thought in aspect x2 (ka); x1 is logical (one sense) English "illogical" typically either means to'e lojysarxe or tolracli. See logji, sarxe, jbosarxe, racli.
gismu x1 (object/event) is uniform/homogeneous in property x2 (ka). See also prane, curve, ranji, vitno, stodi, dikni, sampu, traji.
lujvo me1=t1 is least beautiful among set/range t3 to m2 in aspect me3 (ka) by aesthetic standard me4. Cf. mleca, melbi, traji, mlerai, mlemau, mleme'a.
lujvo me1=t1 is least ugly among set/range t3 to me2 in aspect me3 (ka) by aesthetic standard me4. Cf. mleca, melbi, traji, tolmlerai, tolmlemau, tolmleme'a.
lujvo t1=b1 is the smallest/[ least big] among set/range t4 in property/dimension(s) b2 (ka). Cf. mleca, barda, cmarai, bramau, brarai, brame'a.
lujvo t1=c1 is the biggest/[ least small] among set/range t4 in property/dimension(s) c2 (ka). Cf. mleca, cmalu, traji, brarai, cmarai, cmamau, cmame'a.
gismu rafsi: mli x1 is mild/non-extreme/gentle/middling/somewhat in property x2 (ka); x1 is not very x2. See also mutce, traji, kandi, ruble, midju, nutli, ralci.
gismu rafsi: mec me'a x1 is less than x2 in property/quantity x3 (ka/ni) by amount x4. Also negative (= nonme'a). See also cmavo list me'a, cmavo list su'o, jdika, zmadu, traji.
lujvo z1=m1 is more beautiful than z2 to m2 in aspect m3 (ka) by amount z4. Cf. melbi, zmadu, mlerai, mecmlerai, mleme'a.
lujvo ml1=me1 is less beautiful than ml2 to me2 in aspect me3 (ka) by amount ml4. Cf. melbi, mleca, mlemau, mlerai, mecmlerai.
lujvo m1=t1 is most beautiful among set/range t3 to m2 in aspect m3 (ka) by aesthetic standard m4. Cf. melbi, traji, mlemau, mecmlerai, mleme'a.
gismu rafsi: tce x1 is much/extreme in property x2 (ka), towards x3 extreme/direction; x1 is, in x2, very x3. Also very, pretty, a lot, immoderate/immoderately, intense, quite, extremely. See also milxe, traji, banli, carmi, nutli.
lujvo x1 (sequence) is a sorted sequence, ordered by relation x2 (binary ka), from unordered set/plurality x3 Same place structure as porsi, but specifies that the sequence has been sorted according to some rule. See cnici, porganzu, pormei, pormoi
lujvo x1=n1 is a change in property/quantity x2=c2 (ka/ni) of amount/degree x3=c3 under conditions x4=c4. Cf. nu, cenba, galfi, stika.