lojbo jufsisku
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gismu x1 is a cup/glass/tumbler/mug/vessel/[bowl] containing contents x2, and of material x3. A kabri is normally eaten from by lifting it; a palta is not. See also palta, citka, blaci, tansi.
ma pofygau lo kabri
Who broke the cup?
lo kabri cu kunti
The glass is empty.
le kabri cu blaci
The cup is made of glass.
lo kabri cu kunti
The glass is empty.
le vi kabri cu tirse
This mug is made of iron.
ko'a cpedu lo djacu kabri
He asked for a glass of water.
ko'a pu farlygau lo kabri
He dropped a vase.
aupei kabri co grute jisra
Do you want fruit juice?
ri nitcu lo kabri be lo sakta
He needs a cup of sugar.
ma se zvati le mi kabri
Where's my cup?
e'o do bevri lo condi kabri
Please, bring a deep glass.
ti palne lo palta ce lo kabri
This is a tray with plates and cups on it.
mi pinxe lo tcati lo kabri
I drink tea from the cup.
ra pinxe lo djacu pa kabri ca ro cerni
He drinks a glass of water every morning.
e'o ko dunda lo kabri be lo ladru mi
Please give me a glass of milk.