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lujvo cu1 makes coffee/produces a quantity of coffee drink/product cu2=ck1 by process cu3. Examples of x2: black coffee (=xekckafi), coffee beverage with dairy product (=ladyckafi), liqueur coffee (=jikryckafi), decaffeinated coffee (=nalkafxumckafi). See also coffeemaker (=kafpraca'a), barista (=crekafpra), fika/coffee break (=fi'ikca).
lujvo c1=x1 is a quantity of decaffinated coffee/coffee [beverage] without caffeine. See also decaffeination (=pu'u kafxumvi'u), coffee making (=kafpra).
lujvo b1 is a coffeehouse/coffee bar/café serving b2=c1 to audience/patrons b3. See also barista (=crekafpra), making coffee (=kafpra).
lujvo c1=x1 is a quantity of black coffee/coffee [beverage] served without cream or milk or sugar. See also making coffee (=kafpra), espresso (=kafrspreso), coffee with dairy product (=ladyckafi).
lujvo b1 is a french press/press pot/coffee press/coffee plunger/cafetière/сafetière à piston for filtrated liquid b2=j2 [default: coffee] with filter j1 prohibiting passage of solids j3=d2 pressed by force d1, container made of material b3 with lid b4. See also: making coffee (=kafpra), coffeemaker (=kafpraca'a), coffee (paper) filter (=kafpleju'e).
lujvo ca1 is a drip coffeemaker [default: electric] for producing coffee ca2=cu2=ck1=d1=f1 by dripping coffee to pot f2 from mechanism f3 in gravity well/frame of reference f4, controlled/[triggered] by ca3 (agent). See also coffeemaker (=kafpraca'a), making coffee (=kafpra).
lujvo c1 is a quantity of liqueur coffee/coffee drink with a shot of liqueur/spirit j1. See also: coffee making (=kafpra), Gaelic/Highland/Irish Coffee (=kotyjikryckafi), Bailey's Coffee (=kafrbeili), Monk's Coffee (=kafrbenediktine), Whisky Coffee (=ckafruiski), Russian Coffee (=kafrvo'otka), Karsk (=kafrkarska).
lujvo ca1 is a coffeemaker/is an apparatus/device for producing coffee ca2=cu2=ck1 controlled/[triggered] by ca3 (agent). See also: making coffee (=kafpra), (electric) drip coffeemaker (=digyfalkafpraca'a), french press (=da'erju'ebo'i), moka pot (=botrmuka), percolator (=botrperkolato), espresso machine (=cabrspreso), vending machine (=venzmi), coffee (paper) filter (=kafpleju'e).
fu'ivla x1 takes a fika [social institution]/coffee break together with x2 consuming food/beverage x3. From the swedish word "fika". Both "fika" and "fi'ikca" are also derived from the word for coffee in respectively language (kaffi respectively ckafi). fi'ikca describes the event where you socialize with others, perhaps over a cup of coffee. In a swedish context x2 might often be friends or fellow workers, and x3 usually is coffee/squash/(tea) together with a cinnamon roll, cookie, cake, a sandwich etc. But fi'ikca could also be used in a more universal, cultural neutral sense. See also coffeehouse/coffee bar (=kafybarja), making coffee (=kafpra).