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fu'ivla x1=c1 is made of/contains/is a quantity of espresso [coffee beverage] from beans x2=c2 with crema x3 (the foam with a creamy texture that forms as a result of the pressure). See also: black coffee (=xekckafi), espresso machine (=cabrspreso), barista (=crekafpra), café au lait/latte/cappuccino [coffee drink with heated dairy product] (=glaladyckafi).
fu'ivla c1 is an espresso machine controlled/[triggered] by c3 (agent). See also: espresso (=kafrspreso), barista (=crekafpra).
lujvo cu1 is a barista/is skilled at making coffee drink/product cu2=ck1 by process cu3. See also espresso (=kafrspreso), coffeehouse/coffee bar (=kafybarja), espresso machine (=cabrspreso).
lujvo c1=x1 is a quantity of black coffee/coffee [beverage] served without cream or milk or sugar. See also making coffee (=kafpra), espresso (=kafrspreso), coffee with dairy product (=ladyckafi).