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lujvo k3 is the charter/business/purpose granted/authorized/agreed to by authority k2 to/for company/corporation/firm/partnership k1. Cf. kagni.
lo kagni be lo jbopre bei lo nu kakpa lo ctile pu tolcri lo ctile lo loldi be lo xamsi
The Lojbanists' chartered oil drilling company discovered oil at the bed of the sea.
gismu rafsi: bax x1 is a bank owned by/in banking system x2 for banking function(s) x3 (event). See also sorcu, zarci, canja, kagni.
lujvo p1 is a businessman/business woman involved in business c1. Cf. cuntu, prenu, kagni, briju, banxa.
gismu x1 (mass) is a committee with task/purpose x2 of body x3. Board of directors/trustees/cabinet (= trukamni, gritrukamni). See also bende, kagni.
lujvo n1 is the annual report of company/corporation/organization k1. Cf. nanca, kagni, notci, kagyselpo'e, kagyseldejni, prali.
lujvo k1=v1 is a subsidiary company to k2=v3 chartered/mandated for purpose k3. From vipsi, kagni.
lujvo j1 is the president/[chairperson of the board] of j2=k1. Cf. kagni, jatna, fuzrai, kagytruralju, kagyfu'e, trokamni, vipkagni.
lujvo p1 is a business park managed by community/polity/company p2 for businesses/firms/corporations of type k3.. Cf. kagni, panka, zacpanka, zdipanka, gubypanka, fanrypanka.
lujvo p2 is/are an/the asset(s) of company/corporation/firm/partnership p1=k1 according to law p3. Cf. kagni, ponse, kagyseldejni, ra'erprali, fairprali, paurseldejni, na'arkagnoi.
lujvo r1 is CEO (Chief Executive Officer)/MD (Managing Director) of company/corporation/firm t2=k1. Cf. kagni, turni, ralju, kagja'a, kagyfu'e, fuzrai, trukamni, vipkagni.
gismu rafsi: kan x1 is with/accompanies/is a companion of x2, in state/condition/enterprise x3 (event/state). x1 is together with/along with x2. See also kagni, jorne, gunma, girzu, lasna.
lujvo t2 is a/the private computer network that includes nodes/computers t1=s1 whose function/purpose is s2, installed across organization k1. Cf. kagni, skami, tcana, mujysamseltcana, internet, intranet. May or may not be an intranet.
lujvo d2 is/are the indebtedness/liabilities of company/corporation/firm d1=k1 to creditor(s) d3 for the provision of goods /services/loans d4. Cf. kagni, dejni, kagyselpo'e, terdejni, {ze'i zei seldejni}, {ze'u zei seldejni}, paurseldejni, na'arkagnoi.
gismu rafsi: bed be'e x1 is a crew/team/gang/squad/band of persons x2 directed/led by x3 organized for purpose x4. (x1 is a mass; x2 is a set completely specified); Also orchestra (= zgibe'e, balzgibe'e), outfit; x3 conductor; business, not necessarily incorporated (= cajbe'e, venbe'e). See also gunma, girzu, dansu, jatna, jitro, kagni, kamni, minde, ralju, cecmu, gidva.