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mi kakne lo ka punji si'u nai
I can put it myself.
mi kakne lo ka tsuku lo cmana
I can reach the mountain.
gismu rafsi: cre x1 is an expert/pro/has prowess in/is skilled at x2 (event/activity) by standard x3. Also competent, skilled. See also djuno, stati, kakne.
fu'ivla x1 is allowable/permissible to x2 under conditions x3 Cf. e'a, kakne, e'ande, selzau'inda
lujvo f1 = k1 [sequence] is able to be / capable of being reversed from / into sequence f2 by event k2 under conditions k3 (event / state). From fatne + kakne.
lujvo x1 has access to x2 for purpose x3 ; x1 is able to access x2 ; x2 is accessible to x1 See jonse, kakne
lujvo k1=f1 is incapable of opposing f2 (person/force/mass) about f3 (abstract) underconditions k3 (event/state). Cf. fapro, kakne, tolvri.
lujvo l2=k1 is trustworthy for l1 to bring about/ensure/maintain l3 under conditions k3 c.f. lacri, kakne.
gismu x1 has a talent/aptitude/innate skill for doing/being x2. See also jinzi, certu, rarna, larcu, kakne.
lo cribe cu kakne lo ka cpare lo tricu
A bear can climb a tree.
je ro prenu cu kakne lo nu jmina
And everyone has the ability to contribute.
pano da zo'u ko'a kakne lonu ce'u se bangu da
He is able to speak ten languages.
ko'a pu mo'u palbi'o ki'u lo se kakne be ko'a
He was promoted by virtue of his abilities.
mi kakne lo nu tcidu bau lo glibau
I can read English.
lo mi bruna cu kakne lo nu klasazri lo karce
My brother can drive a car.
ko'a na kakne lo nu ciska lo ko'a cmene
He cannot write his own name.