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gismu x1 (agent) digs x2 [material] up/out of x3 [source/hole] with limbs/tool(s) x4. Also x1 cuts into x3 (with material removal). See also katna, plixa, sraku, canpa, sraku.
sa'u ko ca'o kakpa
Just keep digging.
lo arduarko cu ekselenta kakpa
Aardvarks are excellent diggers.
ko ze'e na ni'a kakpa
Never dig straight down!
ti canpa lo nu kakpa lo dertu vau ji lo nu katna lo genja
Is this spade for digging ground or for cutting roots?
la tom pu jai se bapli fai lo ka kakpa lo karce lo snime
Tom had to dig his car out of the snow.
lo mi pendo pu sazri lo minji lo ka kakpa lo dertu
My friend operated the machine to dig ground.
gismu rafsi: rak x1 [abrasive/cutting/scratching object/implement] scratches/[carves]/erodes/cuts [into] x2. (cf. guska, katna, mosra, plixa, kakpa (unlike kakpa, sraku does not imply material is removed), spali)
lo kagni be lo jbopre bei lo nu kakpa lo ctile pu tolcri lo ctile lo loldi be lo xamsi
The Lojbanists' chartered oil drilling company discovered oil at the bed of the sea.
gismu rafsi: cna x1 is a shovel/spade [bladed digging implement] for digging x2. See also kakpa, guska, tutci.
gismu rafsi: lix x1 (agent) plows/furrows/tills [cuts into and turns up] x2 with tool x3 propelled by x4. See also kakpa, sraku, katna, skuro.
lujvo m1=k4 is a pickaxe for digging up/hitting m2 [target] consisting of head m3 propelled by m4. Cf. kakpa, mruli.
gismu rafsi: ka'a x1 (tool/blade/force) cuts [through]/splits/divides x2 (object) into pieces x3. For x1 force, it is a force acting as a blade, not acting upon a blade; agentive cutting (= ka'argau, ka'arzu'e). (cf. kakpa, sraku for cutting into without division; plixa, dakfu, jinci, porpi, spofu, tunta, xrani, fatri, fendi, balre, dilcu)