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gismu rafsi: kas x1 is chaotic/disordered in property/aspect x2 (ka). See also cunso, cnici.
ra pu kalsa
It was a mess.
lo do kerfa cu je'a simlu lo ka ce'u kalsa
Your hair really does look untidy.
lujvo ka1=ke2 has disheveled/tousled hair from kerfa kalsa
lo mi kumfa cu kalsa lo ka bu'u ce'u lo mi bukpu cu zvati ma kau
My room is a mess (in where are my clothes).
gismu rafsi: nic x1 is orderly/neat/ordered in property/quantity x2 (ka/ni). See also cunso, kalsa.
lujvo r1 (NU) is casual, not formal/ceremonial. Cf. surla, xalbo, kalsa, cunso.
lujvo n1 is order (state of being well arranged) of c1 with orderliness c2. Cf. cnici, kalsa, ganzu.
fu'ivla x1 is semantically regularized in x2 (property of x1) Can be applied to taxonomies, languages, linguistic constructs. See also kalsa, ganzu, smuni, prane
gismu rafsi: cun cu'o x1 is random/fortuitous/unpredictable under conditions x2, with probability distribution x3. Also accidental, chancy, by chance, adventitious, arbitrary (also = cuncu'a, cunselcu'a, cunjdi, cunseljdi; based on "unpredictable"). See also cnici, lakne, funca, kalsa, snuti.