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gismu rafsi: kau x1 (property - ka) is common/general/universal among members of set x2 (complete set). Only fully universal sense applies; x1 must be found in all members of x2. For the non-universal sense see fadni and zilfadni. See also cafne, rirci, fadni, cnano, tcaci, lakne, cmima, simxu.
xu lo plinici'u kampu cu vimcu lo diklo malsorgle
Does globalisation mean the disappearance of local sluts?
da zo'u lo ka dasni da cu kampu ro lo tadni
Wearing the same uniform is common for every student.
lujvo x1 (property) is not shared by everything among x2 (plural) See also kampu, tolkau.
lujvo x1 (property) is satisfied by at least one thing among x2 (plural) See also suzdza, kampu.
lujvo x1 (property) is not satisfied by anything among x2 (plural) See also kampu, nonydza
lujvo The property x1 is rare/unusual/uncommon among x2 See also zilfadni, kampu, rirci.
lujvo d2=k1 is common sense to knowers d1 about subject d3 by epistemology d4. Cf. selju'o, kampu.
lujvo k1 is universal in domain m2 defined by rules m3 from munje kuspe c.f. kampu
lujvo x1 (property) is common to everything in the domain of discourse See also kampu, suzdza, nonydza, kaidza, zilkancu.
lujvo f2 (ka) is an ordinary / common / general / typical / usual property among f3. Made of zi'o + fadni. See also kampu for the fully-universal sense. See also zilrirci.
gismu rafsi: caf x1 (event) often/frequently/commonly/customarily occurs/recurs by standard x2. See also rirci, fadni, kampu, rapli, krefu, lakne, cmavo list piso'iroi and similar compounds.
gismu rafsi: la'e x1 (event/state/property) is probable/likely under conditions x2. See also cumki, jinzi, kampu, tcaci, cunso, cafne, fadni, cnano.
gismu x1 [member] is rare/unusual/uncommon/atypical in property x2 (ka) among members of x3 (set). (x3 is complete specification of set); (cf. cizra, fadni, cafne, kampu, cnano - the generalized opposite to any/all of these concepts)
gismu rafsi: na'o x1 [value] is a norm/average in property/amount x2 (ka/ni) among x3(s) (set) by standard x4. Also mean, normal, usual; (x3 specifies the complete set). See also tcaci, fadni, kampu, lakne, tarti, rirci.
gismu rafsi: fad x1 [member] is ordinary/common/typical/usual in property x2 (ka) among members of x3 (set). Also: x2 is a normal/common/ordinary/typical property among set x3 (= selterfadni for reordered places); also regular, (mabla forms:) banal, trite, vulgar; (x3 is complete set). See also cafne, rirci, kampu, lakne, tcaci, cnano.